Doorstep Selling 2011

30 August 2011

Research by Amarách Research, on behalf of the NCA, shows that one in five Irish consumers who have experienced doorstep selling felt pressurised into signing up at the time.

The research found that just over two in five consumers (41%) have experienced a door-to-door sales pitch in the past 12 months. Of those, almost 80 were approached by sales people from an energy supplier, followed by telecommunications providers (43%) and TV service providers (33%).

Just under three in five (57%) respondents who experienced door-to-door selling in the past 12 months were informed of their right to cancel any purchase made and just under two in five (39%) received written information on the product before signing up.

Of those who signed-up to a product or service provider, just under three in ten (29%) received a cancellation form.

Those living in Dublin have encountered a higher incidence of doorstep selling, with 43% saying someone has tried to sell them a product or service on their doorstep.


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