Consumer Switching Behaviour Feb 2012

In November 2011 Amárach Research continued the programme of consumer research conducted on behalf of the National Consumer Agency to monitor, analyse and record patterns of consumer behaviour and experiences in Ireland.

Among the key research findings:

  • Overall 85% of Irish consumers who had switched a product or service provider in the past 12 months said they had saved money as a result
  • 95% of those who switched car insurance stated that they have saved money by doing so. The average amount saved was €102. 91% saved by switching house insurance where an average of €84 was saved
  • 38% of consumers have switched at least one product or service provider in the previous 12 months, a decrease of 5% from May/June 2011 but up 1% since Nov/Dec 2010. Consumers are most likely to have switched car insurance (13%), mobile phone provider (12%) and main grocery shop (10%)
  • Across all categories, the main reason given for not switching product/service provider is due to “satisfaction with the quality/level of service with the current provider”, followed by “current supplier offers the best value for money”
  • 52% of consumers found the switching process very easy and overall 84% stated that they found the process easy. Just 4% reported that they found the switching process difficult
  • 50% of those who have switched in the past year have found the new service they receive to be better. Just 2% reported that service received from new provider is worse with 48% saying that it was the same or don’t know


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