Consumer Switching Behaviour 2011

8 September 2011

In May and June 2011 Amárach Research continued the programme of consumer research conducted by the National Consumer Agency to monitor, record and analyse patterns of consumer behaviour and experiences in Ireland.

The survey examined the extent to which consumers have switched product or service providers within the past 12 months and found that 79% of Irish consumers who had switched a product or service provider in the past 12 months said they had saved money as a result; 88% of consumers saved money by switching providers for car insurance, and 86% saved after switching home insurance.

Over 9 in 10 (92%) found the switching process easy opposed to the 5% who found it difficult. 55% assert they now receive a better service with their new provider.

Among other key findings:

  • The category where people have switched most frequently is car insurance which has increased 5% to 17%
  • 14% of consumers have switched their electricity supplier (up 3%) and main grocery shop (up 6%) in the previous 12 months.
  • In the last year just over 1 in 10 have switched mobile telephone provider (11%) and broadband/internet access provider (11%)
  • Consumers are least likely to have switched financial product providers be it savings or investment (1%), credit card (1%), credit (0%) or mortgage (1%)


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