Consumer Empowerment 2012

 20 March 2012

The National Consumer Agency’s consumer research in relation to Irish consumers’ experiences and attitudes with regard to consumer empowerment and their experiences with customer service found that:

  • 77% of consumers feel confident in respect of their consumer rights, with 11% not feeling confident
  • 72% claim they are knowledgeable of their rights, up one percentage point to the highest level recorded to date; 14%, down three percentage points, stated that they are not knowledgeable of their rights.
  • 76% feel protected in respect of their rights, up five percentage points to another record high, with the number that do not remaining at 8%, the lowest level recorded to date


In relation to customer service:

  • Supermarkets and shops selling clothing or footwear had the highest level of satisfaction with customer service, both at 91%. The interaction tended to be face-to-face, 87% and 90% respectively
  • The lowest level of satisfaction, at 64%, applied to those contacting airlines’ customer service, where the interaction was predominantly via the web. Airlines also had the highest proportion of consumers claiming dissatisfaction at 30%
  • Nearly three in five consumers (57%) stated that they would stop doing business with a provider if they received bad customer service


The research, carried out by Amárach Research, was conducted in November 2011 by means of face-to-face interviewing with a nationally representative sample of 1,000 people between the ages of 15 to 74.


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