Your Business and Competition Law

Competition benefits everyone – businesses, consumers and the economy as a whole. It encourages businesses to compete for customers. Buyers of goods and services – from individual shoppers to businesses – benefit from paying less and having more choice and better quality. Competition results in open, dynamic markets, featuring increased productivity, innovation and better value.

When consumers benefit from competition, the economy does too. For example, when the price of electricity falls because of more suppliers and increased competition, the cost of doing business comes down. This makes Irish businesses more competitive at home and abroad, which in turn supports economic growth and ultimately job creation.

When there is a lack of competition, for example, where there is a price-fixing cartel or a company abusing a dominant position, both businesses and consumers suffer. The cost of doing business goes up.

While all businesses must comply with competition law, it is also there to protect you and your business from anti-competitive behaviour by others.

This booklet aims to help you stay on the right side of competition law, help protect your business from anti-competitive conduct by others, help you to spot when others are engaging in anti-competitive behaviour and guide you if you suspect anti-competitive activity.

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