If you are a hairdresser or a barber, you must run your business in accordance with the relevant regulations.

There are laws for the mandatory display of prices for a number of specific types of service, including hairdressers and barber shops, so that consumers can easily compare prices without committing themselves to purchasing in that premises.

The relevant legislation is called the Charges (Hairdressing) Display Order, 1976 and is enforced by the CCPC.

The price information must be accurate and include all taxes such as VAT. If the prices you charge for services or products are different to the prices displayed, this constitutes a Misleading Price Indication, and you may be in breach of the Consumer Protection Act. The CCPC has the power, if such breaches are found, to take enforcement action, including the issuing of a compliance notice.

How you must display your prices

By law, you must display a notice setting out the prices of your services. If your premises is situated on the ground floor of any building and adjoins the public thoroughfare, then the notice should be outside the premises or in the window so that it is visible from the street. In other circumstances, such as where the premises is not located on the ground floor, the notice must be displayed immediately inside the entrance.

It should be legible, with lettering of at least six millimetres (6mm) in height and of proportionate width, and up-to-date.

The CCPC is responsible for enforcing this legislation, and has the option of taking enforcement action, including issuing fixed payment notices.

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