Pre-02 (005) – Ireland’s electricity infrastructure

Date: 31/10/2001

Submission to: The Commission for Energy Regulation Ireland’s Electricity Infrastructure

Pre-02 (007) – Reform of liquor licensing

Date: 22/10/2001

Submission to: The Liquor Licensing Commission Reform of Liquor Licensing

Pre-02 (006)- Regulating for diversity in broadcasting

Date: 31/07/2001

Submission to: The Irish Radio and Television Commission Regulating for Diversity in Broadcasting

Pre-02 (004) – Electricity Infrastructure Agreement principles paper

Date: 27/06/2001

Submission to: The Commission for Energy Regulation Electricity Infrastructure Agreement Principles Paper

Pre-02 (003) – Railway Transport Bill

Date: 31/01/2001

Submission to: The Department of Public Enterprise The Railway Transport Bill

Pre-02 (002) – Off Licence position paper

Date: 31/01/2001

Competition Authority Position Paper on the Nature of the Off-Licence and the Method of Access to the Off-Licensed Trade in the Interests of Promoting …

Pre-02 (001) – Registering health and care professionals

Date: 12/01/2001

Submission to: The Minister for Health and Children Registering Health and Care Professionals.

Review of the electricity and gas supplier’s handbook


Page Attachment Submission to CER re Review of Supplier’s Handbook.pdf Submission by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission to the Public Consultation by the …

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