S-02-004 – Financial sector regulation: new proposals

Date: 20/09/2002

Submission to: The Department of Finance Financial Sector Regulation: New Proposals

S-02-003 – Market definition in electronic communications

Date: 31/07/2002

Submission to: The European Commission Market Definition in Electronic Communications

S-02-002 – Review of the State’s commercial ports

Date: 12/07/2002

Submission to: The Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources on a Review of the State’s Commercial Ports.

S-02-001 – Towards better regulation

Date: 01/07/2002

Submission to the Department of An Taoiseach on Towards Better Regulation

Pre-02 (011) – EU mergers green paper

Date: 31/05/2002

Submission to the European Commission on EU Mergers Green Paper.

Pre-02 (010) – Improving taxi services

Date: 30/04/2002

Submission to the Department of the Environment & Local Government on Improving Taxi Services.

Pre-02 (009) – Risk equalisation in the private health insurance market

Date: 29/03/2002

Submission to the Health Insurance Authority on Risk Equalisation in the Private Health Insurance Market.

Pre-02 (008) – Reforming the pharmacy market

Date: 28/12/2001

Submission to: The Pharmacy Review Group on Reforming the Pharmacy Market.

Pre-02 (005) – Ireland’s electricity infrastructure

Date: 31/10/2001

Submission to: The Commission for Energy Regulation Ireland’s Electricity Infrastructure

Pre-02 (007) – Reform of liquor licensing

Date: 22/10/2001

Submission to: The Liquor Licensing Commission Reform of Liquor Licensing

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