Study of the Optometry Profession

Optometry in Ireland is an example of a profession where competition is generally working well and as a result consumers are largely benefiting from competition. However our study into the optometry profession raised some concerns about rules which might hinder the supply of optometry services.

Recommendations and outcomes

We made five recommendations designed to further enhance and protect competition in optometry services.

These include:

  • Changing the composition of the Opticians Board to ensure that it no longer has a majority of optometrists or dispensing opticians
  • Removing unnecessary restrictions on advertising in the profession

The Opticians Board has abolished its rules that restricted advertising.

The Opticians Board is due to be subsumed into CORU, Ireland’s multi-profession health regulator. Subject to Oireachtas approval, CORU will regulate dispensing opticians and optometrists in early 2015.

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