Shopper Trends Dec 2011

21 February 2012

Kantar Worldpanel monitors the grocery retailer take-home purchasing habits of 3,000 demographically representative Irish households. Detailed information is collected on the purchasing habits of these households.

This data provides very valuable information relating to consumer purchasing patterns and behaviours in a market which is an important area of expenditure for all consumers, given that the average household in Ireland spends approximately one fifth of their total weekly expenditure on groceries.

Their recent data provides a summary update of shopper trends up to 25 December 2011.

The presentation examines:

  • Total spend in the grocery market
  • Sectoral performance in the grocery market
  • Branded and own brand market shares
  • Changes in shopper behaviour
  • A comparison with trends in previous years
  • Comparable data for the UK grocery market


Some of the key findings to 25 December include:

  • The annual market sales are ahead of last year, with growth of +0.5% year-on-year
  • Shoppers are responding to price increases by either purchasing more items on promotion or trading down to cheaper products
  • Consumers are making more shopping trips, but reducing their average spend per trip


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