Online Discount Sites Jul 2012

5 July 2012

Three in five adults using the Internet in Ireland have signed to discount sites, according to a survey conducted by Amárach Research on behalf of the National Consumer Agency.

Among its main findings, the market research about online discount sites also found that:

  • Of those consumers who have signed up, 61% have bought a product or service from discount sites
  • One in three (33%) of those who have bought from these sites said they had reason to be dissatisfied with a purchase, up 5 percentage points since November 2011


The main reasons stated for the dissatisfaction were:

  • Poor service delivery or poor product quality (34%)
  • The retailer could not provide the service when required, or delivery was delayed (18%)


One in two (52%) of those who were dissatisfied made a complaint. Of these:

  • 70% complained to the online discount site company
  • 43% complained to the actual provider of the product or service

(The figures add up to more than 100% because some consumers complained to both the online discount site and the actual provider).

Three in five (61%) of those who complained had their complaint resolved.



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