Consumer Switching Behaviour 2010

A survey commissioned by the NCA and carried out by Amárach Research shows that consumers continue to be most likely to have switched mobile phone provider (21%), car insurance provider (21%) or where they do their main grocery shop (15%).

Overall the amount of switching has decreased, with only the electricity supply service sector showing an increase in the numbers switching since the last wave of market research.

Across all the sectors surveyed a total of 48% of consumers have switched at least one provider, which compares with 56% in wave 3 (May/June 2009) and 54% in wave 2 (December/November 2008).

To get a better deal continues to be the most influential factor in switching behaviour, with three in four consumers citing this as their number one reason for changing service provider.

Over four in five consumers who had switched providers considered it to be an easy process, consistent with the previous wave of research. Only 3% found switching somewhat difficult, down from 7% in the previous wave.

Almost four in five consumers (79%) who have switched service provider believe that they are receiving a better or similar service with their new provider.

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