Consumer Switching Behaviour 2013

This study of consumer switching behaviour was conducted by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of the National Consumer Agency. Key findings from this research include:

  • When describing their consumer behaviour, 37% of consumers said they ‘tend to stick with the same company for products and services’. While 27% said they ‘change companies often and avail of better deals’.
  • Switching provider highest for main grocery shop (26%), car insurance (23%) and top-up grocery shop (20%), followed by electricity (16%) and gas (16%). Overall the proportion who have switched at least one product or service provider is 45%.
  • Majority of switchers saved money – average monthly saving resulting from switching is around €15 to €20 per sector. This tends to be higher in health insurance where the average saving reported was €42.
  • The research found in the sectors surveyed that a large number of consumers have not checked to see if there is a better package/deal available to them.
  • Perceived barriers to switching included “it may be more hassle than a benefit” and “don’t believe there is much difference between suppliers”.
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