Consumer Insights and Behaviour Report: Complaints 2017

This consumer research examines the behaviours of consumers in relation to complaints. It was undertaken for the CCPC by Behaviour & Attitudes (B&A). It was undertaken by means of a face-to-face, in-home survey of 1,001 adults aged 16+. The survey was conducted from 21st November – 15th December, 2016.

Key summary findings

  • About a quarter indicate that they experience issues or difficulties with products and services that they buy.
  • Younger shoppers and women show a higher incidence of experiencing issues/difficulties.
  • Problems are greater in areas such as telecoms and personal electronics although conventional grocery and drapery feature to a noteworthy extent too.
  • Problems are more likely to be resolved in the latter two cases but are left unresolved more in the former, arguably more technical or complex, areas.
  • 86% of consumers who complained about an issue with clothing purchases had their problem resolved while only 45% of consumers who reported problems with Telecoms providers had their problem completely resolved.
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