CCPC influencer marketing research

The CCPC published its research on social media influencer marketing in 2022.

The development and expansion of social media platforms has changed the way people consume news and radically modified how they experience advertising in their daily lives. From targeted advertising by social media platforms to brand promotion by influencers, social media has altered the way in which products are being advertised in Ireland and internationally. As a result, the ways and the degree to which Irish consumers utilise online services has changed significantly in the last number of years.

This project was undertaken to develop a comprehensive understanding of the key issues in this sector in advance of forthcoming changes in the European digital market (i.e. the Digital Services Act), the Irish advertising landscape (i.e. the establishment of a new Media Commission) and consumer protection law (i.e. the Consumer Rights Act). The work aligns with a current international focus on influencers and potentially misleading content. Both the European Commission and individual member states have taken considerable steps to protect consumers in this area, while countries outside of Europe, including the USA, have also increased attention in this area.

This report focuses on consumers’ ability to recognise the different forms of influencer marketing they are exposed to and the impact it has on their online purchasing behaviour. This report also examines the ways in which influencers identify (label or tag) the commercial content they produce and assesses the role of relevant actors (i.e. influencers, brands, agents, social media platforms and regulatory bodies) in this space. Finally, the report outlines recommendations deriving from the research and actions to be taken.

Influencer Marketing Report
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