CCPC Brexit and COVID-19 consumer behaviour and awareness while shopping online

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) commissioned Ipsos MRBI to conduct research in December 2021 examining the impact of COVID-19 and Brexit on consumers awareness and behaviours while shopping online.

Summary findings include:

  • There was strong growth in online shopping from Irish based websites post-Brexit, with 44% of those surveyed buying more from these websites in the past year alone.
  • A quarter of those surveyed reporting that they are purchasing more from local businesses than before the pandemic.
  • 16% of consumers have stopped buying from GB based sites post-Brexit, while 44% are buying less in comparison to 2020, when just 18% of consumers stated they would stop buying, or buy less, from GB based sites post-Brexit.
  • When asked about experiencing problems when purchasing from GB websites post-Brexit, 46% of consumers have experienced difficulties and less than half of this group (44%) had their issues resolved. Unexpected costs (e.g. customs charges) and delayed delivery were the most common issues experienced by consumers.  
Brexit and COVID-19 Consumer Behaviour and awareness while shopping online
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