Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Publication Scheme under the Freedom of Information Act 2014.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (the CCPC) has prepared and published a Publication Scheme concerning the publication of information by the CCPC in conformity with a Model Scheme and Guidelines made by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform under Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 2014. The scheme comes into effect on 14th April 2016.

Purpose of the Scheme

The Scheme outlines the information and publications that are routinely available from the CCPC on its website and provides links to the relevant information under six headings from the Model Scheme as listed below. The information under each of the headings will be updated regularly as provided for under the Act. The scheme is web based but the CCPC will provide a hard copy of any of the information on its website on request.     

A. Information about the CCPC

Who we are and what we do
Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts

B. Services Provided or to be provided to the Public

The services we offer
Details of functions and services that the organisation provides and the decision making process

  • The CCPC does not provide services of the nature above directly to the public. Our functions are set out here. We do however provide consumers with a wide range of information on their consumer rights, on personal finance and on financial education. All of this information is available on our consumer website.

C. Decision making process for major policy proposals

How we make decisions on policies
Decision Making processes and records of decisions

D. Financial Information

What we spend
Financial information relating to income and expenditure

E. Procurement

How we spend
Information relating to how we procure goods and services

F. FOI Disclosure Log and Other Information to be Published Routinely

Other information

  • FOI Disclosure Log – to date in 2016, the CCPC has received six requests. Three of these requests were withdrawn, two were answered within the statutory timelines and one is ongoing. None of the requests had associated search and retrieval fees. No requests have been refused, reviewed or appealed to the Information Commissioner. 
  • Our publications, which include market studies, consumer research and submissions to public consultations can be found here
  • Commercial publications and relative charges – not applicable


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