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May 2, 2017

M/05/070 – NTL UK / Telewest

Proposal whereby NTL Incorporated and Telewest Global, Inc. (Telewest), would merge....

May 2, 2017

M/05/071 – Associated Newspapers & Irish Times & Metro / Fortunegreen

Proposed joint venture between Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), The Irish Times Limited (ITL) and Metro International S.A. (MI). The proposed joint venture involves ANL, …...

May 2, 2017

M/07/019 – Agricultural Trust/ Irish Catholic

The proposed purchase of The Irish Catholic by the Agricultural Trust....

May 2, 2017

M/06/066 – Mosaic / Rubicon

Mosaic Fashions, Rubicon...

May 2, 2017

M/05/072 – Benchmark Europe II / Setanta Sport

Proposed acquisition by Benchmark Europe II, L.P. (Benchmark II) of approximately [ ] of the issued share capital of Setanta Sport Holdings Limited (Setanta). …...

May 2, 2017

M/07/020 – Alchemy/ A-Wear

The proposed acquisition of sole control of A-Wear Limited by a newco funded by funds managed by Alchemy Partners (Guernsey) Limited....

May 2, 2017

M/07/021 – Thomas Crosbie Holdings/ WKW FM

The proposed acquisition by Thomas Crosbie Holdings and Des Whelan of 68.7% of the issued share capital of WKW FM Limited....

May 2, 2017

M/05/073 – Associated British Foods / HP Ethnic Foods

Proposal whereby Associated British Foods plc (ABF), through ABF Grain Products Limited (ABF Grain) and A.B.F. Holdings Limited (A.B.F. Holdings) would acquire the entire …...

May 2, 2017

M/07/022 – Thomas Crosbie Holdings/ South East Broadcasting

The proposed acquisition by Thomas Crosbie Holdings of 75% of the issued share capital of South East Broadcasting Company Ltd....

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