Public consultation on Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s Strategy Statement

January 26, 2015


The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission are currently conducting a public consultation as part of our preparation of our new Strategy Statement which will be published by the end of April.  The Strategy Statement will set out what we plan to achieve over the first three years of our existence and how we intend to achieve these objectives.  This consultation provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to shape the direction of the new organisation.

The Commission’s Mission is to make markets work better for consumers and businesses.  We have a broad statutory remit, assuming the statutory responsibilities previously held by the Competition Authority and National Consumer Agency, in addition to its new regulatory functions designed to ensure balance and transparency in the commercial relationship between suppliers and retailers in the groceries sector.

The central theme of this consultation is to ask stakeholders how we should prioritise our work to make the biggest impact. For example, this could be prioritising areas where consumers have suffered the highest detriment, or where anti-competitive or anti-consumer practices are known to have the most negative impact on the economy as a whole.  Our prioritisation principles will firstly,  direct our advocacy role in advising the Government and its agencies with regard to the approach to regulation, secondly, it will direct our relationship with businesses in relation to enforcement and compliance and thirdly, it will inform us on ways to empower consumers to make better choices for themselves.


We would very much like to receive your written response into this process by our deadline of Friday 27 February.


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