Notice under Section 14B of the Competition Act 2002

November 29, 2020

In January 2017, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) commenced an investigation into suspected breaches of competition law in relation to the provision of tickets and the operation of ticketing services for live events.

Section 14B of the Competition Act 2002, as amended, empowers the CCPC to apply to the High Court to have an agreement that it has reached with an undertaking which it has been investigating made an order of court. The CCPC is required to publish the terms of such an agreement on its website not later than 14 days before making an application to the High Court.

On 15 December 2020 the CCPC will make an application to the High Court for an order pursuant to section 14B(2) of the Competition Act 2002, as amended, in the terms of an agreement dated 20 November 2020 between the CCPC and Ticketline Unlimited Company trading as Ticketmaster Ireland.

Update: Having granted the CCPC’s application, the High Court made an order in the terms of the CCPC’s agreement with Ticketmaster on 15 December 2020, subject to the expiry of a standstill period of 45 days. Following the conclusion of this standstill period, the order came into effect on 29 January 2021. As a result, the terms of the agreement came into effect as of 29 January 2021 and are now binding on Ticketmaster.

A copy of the agreement is available here

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