M/23/003 John Laing/Valley Healthcare

Transaction details

The proposed acquisition by John Laing Group Limited of the entire issued share capital, and thus sole control, of Valley Healthcare Fund has been notified to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

Notification date Decision date
Monday January 23, 2023
Parties Involved Business activities
John Laing Group Limited

John Laing Group Limited is an international investor and asset manager, with operations in seven countries. John Laing Group Limited has invested in projects in the UK and Europe, North America, Latin America and Australia, and does not currently have any investments in the State. 

John Laing Group Limited is indirectly controlled by KKR, a global investment firm that offers alternative asset management as well as capital markets and insurance solutions.

Valley Healthcare Fund

Valley Healthcare Fund is active in the acquisition and development of real estate assets for healthcare use. Its portfolio of 20 operational primary care centres (“PCCs”) in the State has been assembled through a combination of acquisitions, construction and development projects. In addition to the existing operational units, Valley has a pipeline of 12 additional PCCs at various stages of development. The HSE is the primary tenant of, and operates and manages, all of the PCCs owned by Valley.

Economic sector Media merger
Real Estate No
Submissions from third parties due by:
Phase 1 Phase 2
Friday, February 3, 2023
Current status: Active
Simplified Merger Notification
Authorised Officer Assigned Contact Details
David Sheahan

Email: davidsheahan@ccpc.ie

Phone: 086 084 9318

Media enquiries: communications@ccpc.ie

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