M/23/001 – DFDS / McBurney Transport

Transaction details

The proposed acquisition by DFDS A/S of sole control of each of McBurney Transport Group Limited, Bondelivery NI Limited, McBurney Refrigeration (Ireland) Limited and Bond Delivery Ireland Limited has been cleared by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

Notification date Decision date
Friday January 13, 2023 Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Parties Involved Business activities

DFDS A/S is a Danish-headquartered international shipping and logistics company. DFDS operates through two divisions, the ferry division and the logistics division. The ferry division operates a network of ferry routes in and around Europe and provides both freight and passenger transport services and port terminal services. The logistics division provides full-load and part-load transportation of freight, warehousing and contract logistics solutions. DFDS also provides road transport, warehousing and related services, including through Lucey Transport Logistics Limited.

McBurney Transport Group Limited & McBurney Refrigeration (Ireland) Limited

McBurney Transport Group Limited ("McBurney Transport") is an independent, privately-owned transport and logistics provider, headquartered in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, and is currently owned and managed by the McBurney family. McBurney Transport provides a range of road transport, distribution and warehousing services for customers located predominantly in the UK and Ireland across multiple industries, including food and drink, manufacturing, supermarkets, retail and parcel delivery.

McBurney Refrigeration (Ireland) Limited ("McBurney Refrigeration") provides a range of ambient and temperature-controlled transportation and storage solutions.

Bondelivery NI Limited & Bond Delivery Ireland Limited

Bondelivery NI Limited ("Bondelivery NI") and Bond Delivery Ireland Limited ("Bond Delivery Ireland") provide warehousing and distribution services across the island of Ireland, and is also part of the McBurney group of companies.

Economic sector Media merger
Transport & Logistics No
Submissions from third parties due by:
Phase 1 Phase 2
Friday, January 27, 2023
Current status: Completed
Cleared (Phase 1)
Authorised Officer Assigned Contact Details
Lewis O'Shea


Iseult O'Kelly


Media enquiries: communications@ccpc.ie

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