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If you are a business that sells goods, from 29 November 2022 you have new obligations when making price reduction announcements. These new obligations were introduced under the European Union (Requirements to Indicate Product Prices) (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (Amending Product Pricing Regulations). In simple terms, a price reduction announcement is a promotional statement by a seller that it has reduced the price of goods.

The biggest change concerns the transparency of price reductions. You must now provide specific information when announcing a price reduction, in particular by including the ‘prior price’.

These changes ensure that promotional announcements about price reductions are genuine. Businesses that do not comply could be subject to enforcement action by the CCPC.

What is the status of these guidelines?

These guidelines reflect the views of the CCPC as of November 2022. The CCPC reserves the right to amend this guidance as necessary.

These guidelines do not constitute legal advice. A business must decide whether its conduct and/or that of its staff, complies with consumer protection law. However, these guidelines will help businesses in making that assessment. If a business has doubts about whether or not its conduct complies with the law, they should seek independent legal advice.

Download a printable PDF of these guidelines.


The CCPC will consider queries from traders in the context of our Price Reduction guidelines. Specific questions can be sent to

All relevant questions received will be published on our website as received and the details of the submitter will be anonymised. Please ensure you are happy for each question in full to be published. Questions outside the scope of Price Reductions guidelines will not be published.

Responses to questions will be published on this page at particular intervals. Please note that the CCPC cannot provide legal advice to individual businesses on their trading practices.

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