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Applicant Name:Summerhill Commercial Repair Centre Ltd
Authorisation Number: A004285/20
Expiry Date: 30/05/2021

Business Name: M50 Truck And Van Centre

Applicant Name:Super Motor Value Ltd
Authorisation Number: A004474/20
Expiry Date: 19/03/2021

Business Name: Motor Value G T I

Applicant Name:Swinford Motors Ltd
Authorisation Number: A001070/20
Expiry Date: 09/12/2020

Business Name: Pat Kelly Autopoint Ballina,Pat Kelly Autopoint Castlebar

Applicant Name:T & C Motors Ltd
Authorisation Number: A000459/20
Expiry Date: 12/03/2021

Business Name: T & C Motors Ltd

Applicant Name:T P & J G Brady Ltd
Authorisation Number: A000240/20
Expiry Date: 10/03/2021

Business Name: Brady's Cavan

Applicant Name:T T S P Ltd
Authorisation Number: A004267/20
Expiry Date: 13/12/2020

Business Name: Top Insure

Applicant Name:T. O. C. Car Sales Ltd
Authorisation Number: A003371/20
Expiry Date: 21/07/2021

Business Name: T Kenny Car Sales

Applicant Name:T. Sheils & Co. Ltd
Authorisation Number: A000454/20
Expiry Date: 10/12/2020

Business Name: Sheils Of Ennis,Sheils Of Limerick,Ennis Rd, Limerick City,Sheils Motorpark Ltd,Sheils Motorpark Galway, Headford Road Galway

Applicant Name:T. W. Abernethy & Sons Ltd
Authorisation Number: A000242/20
Expiry Date: 06/09/2021

Business Name: T. W. Abernethy & Sons Ltd

Applicant Name:T.C.S. Trade Sales Ltd
Authorisation Number: A004536/19
Expiry Date: 03/12/2020

Business Name: T.C.S. Trade Sales Ltd