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Applicant Name:Alago Motors Ltd
Authorisation Number: A003240/19
Expiry Date: 06/12/2020

Business Name: Toyota Long Mile,Toyota Long Mile After Sales,Toyota Long Mile Road,Toyota Long Mile Service Centre,Killeen Road, Dublin 12

Applicant Name:Alan Bardon Motors Ltd
Authorisation Number: A004614/19
Expiry Date: 06/01/2021

Business Name: Alan Bardon Motors Ltd

Applicant Name:Alan Dorgan Motors Ltd
Authorisation Number: A001931/20
Expiry Date: 28/01/2021

Business Name: Alan Dorgan Motors

Applicant Name:Alan Lewis Motors Ltd
Authorisation Number: A004177/20
Expiry Date: 30/11/2020

Business Name: Lewis Motors

Applicant Name:Alavina Investments Ltd
Authorisation Number: A004540/19
Expiry Date: 08/01/2021

Business Name: J Donohoe

Applicant Name:Albert Berry Motors Ltd
Authorisation Number: A002426/20
Expiry Date: 23/02/2021

Business Name: Albert Berry Motors Ltd

Applicant Name:Alison Crowe & David Rafferty
Authorisation Number: A004629/20
Expiry Date: 23/03/2021

Business Name: F.W.E. Crowe Insurance

Applicant Name:All Financials G F Ltd
Authorisation Number: A004300/20
Expiry Date: 28/07/2021

Business Name: All Financials

Applicant Name:Allenline Ltd
Authorisation Number: A000284/19
Expiry Date: 13/11/2020

Business Name: Limerick Motor Centre

Applicant Name:An Post Or In The English Language, The Post Office
Authorisation Number: A004544/20
Expiry Date: 04/03/2021

Business Name: An Post Money