Competition and Consumer Protection Commission reminds parties in beef sector of obligations under competition law

November 12, 2014


The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (the Commission) has written to relevant parties in the Irish beef sector following recent activity to remind them of their obligations under competition law – in the interests of consumers.

The Commission has taken the action of contacting parties as a pre-emptive step given the potential that planned discussions, due to take place today (12 November) could move into competition-sensitive areas, for example in relation to fixing prices or anti-competitive collective action. We have stepped in to remind both the beef processors and farmers of their obligations under competition legislation.

The Commission will also keep under review the impact of any actions or agreements on the supply chain and on consumers.

The mission of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is to make markets work better for consumers and businesses. The Commission does this by helping to create open and competitive markets and by working to remove unnecessary barriers to competition. We support markets where businesses can actively compete. This benefits everyone; consumers, businesses and the economy. Where there is evidence of businesses engaging in anti-competitive behaviour, whether through price-fixing or abusing their dominant position, the Commission can intervene through the enforcement of competition law.

As this is an evolving issue, the Commission will not comment further at this time.


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