CCPC launches public consultation on public liability insurance market

June 12, 2020

This consultation is now closed.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) announced today that it has opened a public consultation and is seeking views from stakeholders on their experiences in the public liability insurance market. Following from meetings with stakeholders and customer-focused market research among a representative sample of businesses, community groups and sports organisations, the current consultation will provide the CCPC with further evidence to make a fully informed examination of the market.

The CCPC is seeking views from representative groups, public bodies, industry representatives, and customers in relation to the competitive conditions in the market for public liability insurance. The focus is on issues and trends existing in the market prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. Based on the evidence collected, the CCPC will make recommendations to address issues found in the sector.

Specifically the consultation seeks views in relation to:

  • the competitive conditions in the market for public liability insurance, including the conditions of entry, expansion, and exit;
  • the influence of the ‘insurance cycle’ on price and availability of public liability insurance;
  • the role of switching in the market;
  • the degree of cost inflation that can be observed in the market; and
  • the digitalisation of the delivery of insurance services.

The CCPC is also particularly keen to receive views on whether there are any measures which could improve the functioning of the public liability insurance market.

A copy of the CCPC’s consultation paper is available here 


In August 2019, the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation requested the CCPC commence a market study into the public liability insurance sector in Ireland.

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