Switch and save on TV

Change your package

If you are paying a subscription for channels that you rarely watch, think about whether it is worth the money. Compare the different packages from your current provider and see if there is a cheaper package that might suit you.

Change your provider

Your current provider might not have the channels or features you want, or that you may not be happy with their service. Check out other TV service providers in your area and compare their prices and service.

Remember, when you are choosing a provider your options will be limited to the services available in your area, and the type of home you have. For example, if you live in an apartment block you may not be allowed put up your own satellite dish, or you may only be able to use one cable provider.

Switching is easy. Simply contact the new provider you want to get your TV services from and ask to open an account. You can also sign up to most TV service providers online.

You will also need to tell your old provider that you are closing your account with them. Remember to check any contract you have with your old provider, as there may be penalties if you leave the contract early.

Your new provider may have a number of payment options available, but many insist you pay by direct debit, so choose which option suits you best. If you have already paid your previous TV service provider in advance, ask your new provider if they can recoup any of that payment and put it towards their bills.

Change to “Free-to-air” or Saorview

If you have a subscription service and feel you are not getting value from it, consider getting a free-to-air satellite dish and/or a Saorview set-top box. Free-to-air satellites will let you watch some satellite channels from Europe and the UK, and Saorview gives you free digital Irish channels.

Change how you watch TV

If you only watch a few TV programmes, consider watching them online instead. Many TV channels, including the Irish ones, now make their programmes available to watch online through their website or “player”. You don’t need a TV, a subscription or even a TV licence but you do need a computer or another online device, and an internet connection.

Remember, if you have a TV, you must also buy a TV licence.

Last updated on 20 August 2019