Organisation and Pay/Grading Structures

In the main, Civil Service grades and payscales apply to CCPC staff save for the Case Officer grade. This grade is an amalgamation of the Administrative Officer and Assistant Principal Officer payscales.

The table below presents information regarding the number of staff at each grade:

Grade Number at grade Relevant circular
Chairperson 1 The salary for this position is determined by DPER and position-specific
Member 4 The salary for these positions are determined by DPER and position-specific
Principal Officer 9 Principal Officer – see Circular 19 -2022
Assistant Principal (Higher) 12 Assistant Principal (Higher) – see Circular 19 -2022
Assistant Principal Officer 27 Assistant Principal Officer – see Circular 19 -2022
Case Officer 8 Case Officer – (see Revised Case Officer Salary Scales)
Higher Executive Officer 53 Higher Executive Officer – see Circular 19 -2022
Administrative Officer 1 Administrative Officer – see Circular 19 -2022
Executive Officer 32 Executive Officer – see Circular 19 -2022
Clerical Officer 2 Clerical Officer – see Circular 19 -2022

Last updated on 25 October 2022