FAQ Friday: What are my options if I have a problem with something I bought in the Black Friday sales?

November 25, 2022

On the last Friday of every month, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) from the hundreds of consumers who contact us. For this FAQ Friday, we explain your consumer rights if you have a problem with an item you bought in the Black Friday sales.

I bought a new television but it stopped working; what are my options?

Under consumer law, you have the right to expect that goods you buy are

  • Of merchantable quality
  • Fit for the purpose they were bought for, and
  • As described

If you bought the television from a business in the EU and it turns out to be faulty, you are entitled to a repair, a replacement or a refund of the price you paid.

In all cases of faulty goods, act quickly and contact the business that sold you the item as soon as you can to find a solution. Remember, your contract is with the business you bought the item from, which means it is up to them to fix the issue, not the manufacturer. You may also have a right to a repair, replacement, reduction in price or refund for faults which are discovered up to six years later.

What should I do if my online order doesn’t arrive on time?

When you buy online from an EU business, the business should deliver your item within 30 days, unless you agree an alternative delivery date. If the business does not deliver it within the timeframe agreed with you, then you have two options

  • Agree a different date that suits you, or
  • Cancel the contract and get a refund

If your item is not delivered, the business should organise a replacement or a refund.

Top Tip

When shopping online, always look for the business’s registered address before you buy. If buying from a business based outside the EU, you don’t have the same protections if something goes wrong after you buy.

Can I change my mind and return something I bought on Black Friday?

If you change your mind about an item you bought in the sales, your consumer rights depend on where you bought it from. You have different protections if you bought the item online compared to in-store, and whether you bought it within or outside the EU.

For online purchases from EU-based businesses, you have 14 days from the day you receive the item, to change your mind and cancel your order. You then have a further 14 days from when you cancel your order to return the goods for a full refund. If something goes wrong after you buy from a website outside the EU, the website’s own returns and refunds policy will apply. Always make sure that you have read and understood their returns policy before you buy.

If you buy an item in a shop and later change your mind and want to return it, you don’t have the automatic right to a refund, unless the item is faulty. Instead, what you are entitled to will depend on the shop’s returns policy.

Learn more about your consumer rights.

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