What are my rights if I miss my flight because of airport delays?

May 30, 2022

Am I entitled to a refund of my flight from the airline?

If you booked your flight directly with an airline, you do not have an automatic right to redress from your airline if you do not make it to your flight departure gate on time, even where this was due to security delays within the airport. If you plan to go ahead with your trip, you should contact the airline as soon as possible to discuss which rebooking options may be available to you. Some airlines have agreed to honour tickets and waive fees for booking changes, but you may still have to pay any increase in the cost of the ticket.

Am I entitled to any form of compensation if I missed my flight due to airport delays?

The DAA has announced that it will provide a refund to passengers who have missed their flights and are out of pocket as a result of the recent delays at Dublin Airport. Consumers who wish to apply for the scheme have been advised to email customerexperience@dublinairport.com. However, specific details of the compensation scheme have not yet been released. In the meantime, you should keep a copy of receipts for all your expenses related to your missed flight (e.g. change of flight fees, meals, hotels, etc.). It may also be a good idea to keep copies of taxi receipts, bus tickets or airport parking tickets, in the event that you are asked for additional proof that you were at the airport within the recommended timeframe for your flight.

Check dublinairport.com for the latest updates on the DAA’s compensation scheme.

My flight was part of a package holiday, am I entitled to redress if I miss my flight?

If your flight was booked as part of a package holiday, then you have a number of strong rights and protections if something were to go wrong. This includes the right to cancel your package holiday as a result of ‘unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances’ that significantly affect your ability to travel to your holiday destination. In these circumstances, you are entitled to a full refund of your package holiday price, without paying any cancellation fee. If you missed a package holiday flight due to unexpected airport delays, your next step should be to contact your travel organiser as soon as possible to explain your circumstances and discuss what options are available to you. If you don’t want your holiday to be rebooked for a later date, you can instead exercise your right to a full refund, without paying a cancellation fee.

Can I claim on my travel insurance if I miss my flight?

If you bought travel insurance before you were due to fly, your policy may cover you if you miss your flight due to airport delays. This may include cover for a refund of your flight, the cost of rebooking your flight, or cover for a hotel stay, if required. However, this cover is not available on all travel insurance policies, so we’d recommend that you check the T&Cs of your policy for what cover (if any) you may have. If anything is unclear, or if you’re not sure if you’re covered, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible for more information.

I am due to travel next week, should I get travel insurance?

If you are holidaying abroad, you should always consider taking out travel insurance for added peace of mind and ideally buy it as soon as you book your trip. Be aware that certain travel insurance policies may not offer you full cover if you buy your insurance less than seven days in advance of the trip. Always read the T&Cs of your policy and if anything is unclear, or if you’re not sure what’s covered, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible for more information.

I am flying tomorrow, when should I arrive, what should I do?

The DAA is currently advising passengers to arrive within a certain period of time before their flight – e.g. 2.5 hours before a short-haul flight and 3.5 hours before a long-haul flight. Make sure to check-in online before you get to the airport. If your airline allows it, you may also be able to check-in your luggage the night before, as this may save time on the day of your flight. When you get to the airport, be sure to follow the instructions of the staff and make sure you’re joining the correct queue for check-in, bag drop, or security. If you are traveling with someone who may not be able to stand in the long queues, or who may need additional mobility supports, be sure to reach out to your airline in advance of your flight for further assistance. The Commission for Aviation Regulation has additional information on your rights if you have reduced mobility.

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