Watch out for greenwashing – ICPEN Fraud Prevention Month

April 28, 2021

Every year the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) runs Fraud Prevention Month, to help consumers spot and avoid scams. The theme for 2021 is greenwashing, which is when traders claim they do more to protect the environment than they actually do. Last year almost 79% of consumers in Ireland bought products that are better for the environment even if they cost more. While many traders do provide environmentally-sound products, recent inspections at EU and ICPEN level also found that approximately 40% of the green claims assessed could be misleading consumers.

Now is the time to remind yourself that not all green claims are green friendly. Think twice when shopping and consider the below points before you buy into a green claim.


By reducing and refusing unnecessary packaging you help reduce the damage to the environment. Reduce your risk of being deceived by checking if the product being advertised as ‘green’, ‘ecological’ or ‘friendly to the environment’ is supported by clear, comprehensive and verified information.


Your choices matter. Consider re-using and repairing what you already have before buying something new. Don’t be fooled into buying a new product.


Pay attention to where you are putting your waste, as well as what new products are made of. Be careful not to be misled by unsubstantiated statements on products that are not recyclable. You can visit to get more information.

Being a #ConsumerWhoKnows how to replace, rethink, refuse, reduce, re-use, recycle, and repair, prevents you from becoming a victim of misleading advertising.



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