FAQ Friday: Switching – compare & save

March 5, 2021

When it comes to managing your personal finances, it’s important to regularly compare the costs and benefits of switching providers across all your financial products, including current accounts, regular savings accounts, mortgage and credit cards.

Whether you’re looking for the lowest charges for day-to-day banking, a better interest rate on your mortgage, or specific features such as online banking, overdrafts or a debit card, it’s important to find the options that suit your needs.

With the potential for significant savings to be made from switching, we have a range of Money Tools to help you quickly and easily compare features across products from all of the major financial providers:

Current accounts

Our current account Money Tool compares current account fees, charges and other features from all of the main current account providers. With a few simple clicks, you can compare all of the costs and benefits of a range of current accounts. All of the information is independently provided to help you select the account that best suits your needs.

Regular savings accounts

If you are looking to switch your regular savings account, we have a quick and easy way for you to find the right savings account with our regular savings Money Tool. By simply entering the amount you want to save each month, you can compare the interest rates on offer across all savings account providers.


We also offer an online mortgage comparison Money Tool to help you avail of the best interest rates in the market. With the potential for significant savings to be made from switching to a lower mortgage interest rate, you can compare the costs and benefits of different mortgage options, across all the major mortgage providers.

Credit cards

Our credit card Money Tool allows you to compare the interest rates and features of credit cards across all providers, in just a few clicks. You can also use the credit card calculator to compare how long it will take to clear your credit card debt with your current card, with how long it would take if you switched to a different card.

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