Brexit checklist for online shopping

December 2, 2020

Brexit is coming on 31 December and it will have an impact on your consumer rights. The rights you currently enjoy when shopping from an EU based website will no longer apply to items you buy from the UK. Packages arriving into Ireland from the UK after 31 December may also be liable for taxes and charges. To help you with your online shopping, we have prepared a checklist of things to note before you go shopping online.

  • Check where the business is based:
    If the business is based outside of the EU, you may consider finding an alternative EU store, to ensure you have stronger rights should an issue arise in the future.
  • Buy from reputable retailers
    When shopping online, it’s important to do some quick research, check reviews and social media pages.
  • Check the cancellation & returns policy
    When buying goods online from non-EU based businesses, read the T&Cs on their website and check if you can return or cancel your order, if you change your mind.
  • Check for additional taxes or charges
    If you are buying from a business outside of the EU, be sure to read the T&Cs on their website for details of any import taxes or additional charges that you may have to pay – for example, VAT or customs charges – on delivery.
  • Pay by card
    When shopping online, pay by card so that if you do run into problems you may have the option of a chargeback from your credit or debit card provider.
  • Check that the website is secure
    Before you put in your card details look out for an ‘s’ after ‘http’ at the beginning of the url and a padlock symbol in your browser’s task bar, which show the website is secure.

We have also prepared a printable version of the checklist so you can keep it beside you when you’re shopping online.

For more information on Brexit and your consumer rights, see here.

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