Safe and spooky Halloween

October 22, 2020

Follow our tips to make sure you and your little ones don’t have any unwanted scares this Halloween.

Steer clear of candles and naked flames in your home this Halloween and instead opt for LED or battery operated lights in your home and inside pumpkins. That way there is less risk of costumes catching fire.

Costumes and accessories should always have the CE mark. Costumes are classed as toys and therefore should have the CE mark attached visibly, legibly and indelibly on the costume itself or the packaging. If you’re getting crafty and making your own, make sure they don’t have any flammable materials, such as glue, plastic or cotton wool.

Always check the packaging on face paints to make sure it has the CE mark, a clear list of ingredients, and the manufacturer and importer’s details.

Remember, if you are buying props for your child’s costume, these may not be classified as toys or meet the safety requirements or standards for toys. Make sure that swords, devil forks and other accessories are made of soft flexible materials.

You should remind children and teenagers about the dangers of bonfires and that fireworks are illegal. Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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