Me and My Money, a new Junior Cycle resource

August 31, 2020

With the new school year about to begin the CCPC is launching Me and My Money, a Unit of Learning on Budgeting and Household management, as part of the existing Money Matters website.

It has been developed in consultation with Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT) and is specifically designed for Junior Cycle Business Studies teachers and students and it can be used in the virtual or physical classroom.

Me and My Money is split into the four sections below and uses worksheets, case studies, exercises, assessments and clips from the CCPC-sponsored TV show How to be Good with Money.

  • Section 1: Needs Vs Wants
  • Section 2: Resources & Income
  • Section 3: Expenditure
  • Section 4: Create a Budget

Each section aligns with a number of learning outcomes as laid out in the curriculum specification and is designed to be delivered in a flexible manner.

This resource is an effective way to introduce topics like financial decision making, impulse buying, financial wellbeing and budgeting in an interactive style that students will find engaging. To find out more about how you can introduce Me and My Money to your classroom, see our Money Matters site.

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