6 tips to stay safe this Halloween

October 26, 2018

  1. When shopping for costumes and costume accessories for Halloween, make sure you check that they have the CE mark. Halloween costumes are classified as toys and they must carry the CE mark which should be attached visibly, legibly and indelibly to a label on the costume or its packaging. Certain products, including toys, sold in the EU must comply with specific safety regulations and related standards and the CE mark indicates that they meet the required safety regulations.
  2. If you’re buying face paints, always check the packaging has a clear list of the ingredients and instructions in English. The CE mark and the manufacturer and importer contact details should be included on the packaging.
  3. If you are buying props for your child’s costume, these may not be classified as toys or meet the safety requirements or standards for toys. Make sure that swords, devil forks and other costume accessories are made of soft flexible materials.
  4. Novelty Halloween lights, similar to Christmas lights, are now very popular. All electrical products sold in the EU must comply with safety regulations, have a visible CE mark and have full contact details of the manufacturer and importer.
  5. Be careful with candles in your home, especially around Halloween costumes as there is always a risk of costumes catching fire. It is safer to use battery-operated candles instead of lit ones. In addition, make sure all costumes, masks and wigs meet the flammability standard for toys by only buying items with the CE mark. If you want to create a costume for you or your child, make sure that you don’t use any potentially dangerous or flammable materials such as plastics, glues, aerosols or cotton wool.
  6. Explain the dangers of illegal fireworks, sparklers and bonfires to children and teenagers. Make sure you stay a safe distance from bonfires and fireworks.

Have a safe and scary Halloween!

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