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April 13, 2018

Since 1 April 2018 you can now access digital content that you subscribe to at home, wherever you are in the EU. This means that you no longer have to miss out on your favourite TV shows, movies or matches while you’re away.

What’s changed and how does it apply to me?

Many people subscribe to music, TV and video streaming services which allow them to watch and listen online through a range of devices. Before April, you may not have been able to access these if you travelled abroad.  Thanks to a new EU regulation, if you buy or subscribe to films, sports, music, e-books or games in your home country, you can now access this content when you travel to another EU country. The regulation came into effect on 1 April 2018 in all EU Member States.

Will I have the same service as I do at home?

Yes, providers of paid-for online content services (such as online movie, TV or music streaming services) have to give you the same service wherever you are in the EU. For example, if you subscribe to Netflix, you will have access to the same content and can watch it anywhere in the EU, just as if you were at home.

What about online services that are free of charge?

Companies who provide online content services that are free of charge can choose whether they want to participate. Once they opt in and allow users to access digital content under the regulation, all rules will apply to them too.

More information on the new regulation can be found here.

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