Stick to your savings goals – practical tips for your 2018 resolutions!

January 24, 2018

It’s nearly the end of January and for all our good intentions at the start of the year, it can be hard to make New Year’s resolutions stick. Often January is an opportunity to take a look at our finances and set money goals for the year. We recently asked you on Facebook for your tips on sticking to savings goals for 2018, so take a look for some savings motivation:

Your 2018 tips for saving:

  1. Count your coppers. At the end of the day empty your loose change into a savings tin (preferably one that’s difficult to open!). You’ll be surprised how much money you’ll accumulate over six months or a year without even noticing!
  2. Keep on running. If you’re training for a marathon, half-marathon or just want to up your running or walking, get a jar and put in a euro or 50 cents for every kilometre you clock up. The fund you build up will be an extra incentive to get out and pound the pavement!
  3. Pay yourself first. Once you decide how much you want to save every month, transfer the money directly from your current account to your savings account as soon as you get paid. You could also set up a standing order from your current account to your savings account for the same date every month.
  4. Reduce your food waste. Plan out your meals for the week ahead. To avoid impulse purchases always bring a list with you food shopping or shop online. Making your own coffee and lunch and bringing them to work instead of buying takeaway ones is also an easy way to save money – and is good for the environment!
  5. Ditch the cards. Leave your debit and credit cards at home and take out cash to last you the week. If you really need something over your budget, you can go home and get the card. You’ll avoid impulse buying and will be more aware of what you’re spending!
  6. Switch and save. Take a look at your broadband, energy and phone providers. Compare with other plans on the market and see if you could save. Do the same with insurance when it’s up for renewal. One of you told us you saved €280 last year by moving your car insurance policy!
  7. Review your packages. Review your TV package and see what you actually need. Could you cut back on the number of channels and save? Or see if you could you get rid of your TV package altogether and use streaming services instead.

For more information on saving and budgeting, take a look at our information on managing your money and our spending calculator.


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