Waterford car dealer convicted following CCPC investigation and prosecution

October 24, 2017

A Waterford car dealer has been convicted of providing false information about the mileage of a BMW car following an investigation and prosecution by the CCPC.

Mr Oleksandr Matveyshyn of ‘MIV Motors’ at 6 Cross Roads Business Park, Kilbarry, Waterford was found guilty by Judge Staunton in Waterford City District Court. He was fined €500 and was ordered to pay €1,000 in legal costs. In addition he must pay €8,000 compensation to the consumer he sold the car to.

The BMW was sold to the consumer for €32,500 by Mr Matveyshyn. The car had been imported from the UK and showed 36,000 miles on its odometer (the ‘clock’ that shows the mileage of the car on the dashboard). Our investigation found that the mileage of the car was actually 105,412 miles and the odometer had been clocked.

Clocking means changing the genuine odometer reading of the car in order to make the car seem like it has been driven less than it actually has. Being sold a clocked car can be both dangerous and costly, so be sure to check a second-hand car out properly before you buy it.

How to check a second-hand car

Spotting a clocked car can be very difficult, so if you’re looking to buy a second-hand car, make sure to do some checks before handing any money over:

  • Check for signs of wear and tear. If the car you’re thinking about buying has low mileage, but shows signs of heavy wear and tear, for example on the seat covers or steering wheel, always be wary. Other areas of wear and tear are the gear stick and sometimes the pedals.
  • Check the car’s history. There are a number of companies that can check the history of a car for you for a fee. This check can tell you if the car was ever written-off, any official record of the car’s mileage and if there is outstanding finance on the car.
  • Get an independent mechanic to check out the car.
  • Find out what questions to ask a dealer or private seller when buying a second-hand car using our car buyer’s checklist.
  • When you’re paying for a car, you should ask the seller to write the mileage, as displayed on the odometer, on your receipt. That way you have a record of the mileage the seller claimed was on the car if you find out later it has been clocked. If they are unwilling to do this, you should consider walking away.

Find out more about checks to carry out on second-hand car.

What should you do if you think you have bought a clocked car?

If you think you may have bought a clocked car, report this to us as soon as possible. You should also contact the Gardaí. You should act quickly, as we can only investigate a suspected clocked car within three years.

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