Is your loyalty costing you money?

March 28, 2017

We have just published our latest research which found that 41% of consumers surveyed had switched at least one service provider in the last 12 months. The research looked at consumers’ experiences of switching providers in 19 everyday services including, electricity, waste, gas, and financial services.  According to the research:

  • 15% of consumers had switched gas/electricity suppliers, while 14% had switched their internet/broadband provider.
  • For most consumers who made the switch it paid off – the majority found that they made savings averaging €20-€30 per month for each service they switched.
  • Specific examples of savings made include an average of €287 a year on electricity supply, while those that switched broadband provider saved an annual average of €299.
  • Consumers were least likely to switch their mortgage, savings/investments, and credit card providers, with 34% of those surveyed giving ‘hassle’ as a barrier to switching their personal current account.

Want to see if you can switch and save?

If you want to compare financial products use our mortgages, current account and credit card comparisons to compare the costs and benefits of financial products from the main providers.

We also have information on switching a range of services including gas and electricity and mobile phone provider. And remember, prices change all the time, so if it’s been a while since you switched providers, shop around and see if you can save money by switching again.

Published Date: 28/03/2017

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