CCPC publishes list of 40 enforcement actions

March 8, 2017

We have just published our latest Consumer Protection List which contains details of 40 enforcement actions that we took against 33 traders in 2016 for breaches of consumer protection law. The breaches occurred across a wide variety of businesses around the country, from national chains to local independent traders.

Most breaches relate to misleading pricing or not displaying prices. Others included traders, who were selling online, not giving information or giving misleading information to consumers about their rights under the Consumer Rights Directive. There was a breach relating to a misleading sign in a shop which suggested to consumers that their statutory rights in relation to faulty goods were restricted. And finally, we took action where a trader was found to have provided false and misleading information to a consumer in relation to the mileage of a car.

Our focus is to put a stop to practices which cause harm and financial loss to you – the consumer. In 2016, we inspected 150 premises across the country to check that businesses were complying with price display legislation. Where businesses were found to be in breach, we took action to ensure compliance.

Tell us about a business you think is misleading consumers

You play a very important role in helping us to identify businesses that may be in breach of consumer law through the information you provide to our consumer helpline, website and on Facebook and Twitter. You can contact us here or through our helpline (1890 432 432).  Remember, telling us about your experience may help us to take enforcement action in the future.


Published Date: 08/03/2017

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