Tips for playing your gift cards right

December 14, 2016

Gift cards or vouchers can be a handy present to give and receive, but you need to know how to play your cards right when it comes to making the most out of vouchers this Christmas.

  • Spend the voucher as quickly as you can ­– the longer you keep the voucher, the greater the chance you’ll forget about it or lose it. Using the voucher quickly also reduces the risk of you not being able to use it if the business closes down.
  • Check the expiry date –many gift vouchers have expiry dates. If the expiry date is not clear or there is no expiry date on the gift voucher or card, check with the business if there is one. Expiry dates vary widely – some businesses are very strict and others may be willing to extend the expiry date if you ask.
  • Always check the terms and conditions – find out what the business’s policies are regarding leftover balances. Do you have to spend the gift voucher or card amount all in one go? If you are buying someone a voucher as a gift, make sure you pass on any terms and conditions that come with it.
  • Check for any fees and charges – some gift cards apply monthly maintenance charges after one year which eats into the balance of your gift card, if you don’t use it.
  • Take care of your voucher – if you lose a gift voucher it’s like losing cash – the business doesn’t have to replace it. So keep it somewhere safe!
  • Check to see if the gift voucher or card can be used at more than one outlet or chain – if you have a gift voucher or card for a business that closes down, it will be hard for you to use it, but if it has more than one outlet you may be able to use it in another one.

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