Commission directs tour guides body to remove minimum pricing list

January 8, 2016

The Commission has directed the Approved Tour Guides of Ireland (ATGI) to remove from its website a list which recommends minimum prices that tour guides should charge customers. The ATGI represents tour guides in Ireland who have been accredited by Fáilte Ireland.

Following our investigation the ATGI removed the list from its website and informed its members that tour guides must decide individually what price they are willing to charge for their services. Recommendations by trade associations of minimum prices to be charged by their members are likely to eliminate or distort competition and cause consumer to pay higher prices than they otherwise would.

By taking action to remove these practices the Commission helps consumers to benefit from real competition through lower prices and improved choice and quality among providers.

Businesses and sole traders should set their prices independently.  The Commission works to ensure that competition works well so that consumers can shop around for the best prices.  We protect and strengthen competition, empower consumers to make informed decisions by arming them with the right information and protecting them from harmful business practices.

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