Commission issues Compliance Notices to expert Ireland

December 22, 2015

The Commission has issued Compliance Notices to Expert Ireland. The Commission found that Expert Ireland did not provide online consumers with the correct information about their rights regarding the return of faulty goods and their cancellation rights when buying online. Following our intervention Expert Ireland has updated its website with this information and has changed its cancellation process.

Your rights to cancel online

When you buy online from a website within the EU, you are given a cooling-off period of 14 days. This means you have the right to cancel an order without giving a reason during this time. If you buy goods online, the cooling off period ends 14 days after you receive them. You then have a further 14 days to return them.

If you cancel the order because you changed your mind, you may have to pay for the cost of returning it. But, if the item is faulty, then you do not have to pay. You should receive a refund within 14 days of cancellation, but a business can wait to refund you until they receive the item or have proof of return postage.

The cooling-off period can be extended to a maximum of 12 months if the business doesn’t give you the information on your cancellation rights. If this happens, you should not have to pay any extra costs. However, you are expected to take reasonable care of the item until you return it. There are some items and services that are not covered by the cooling-off period such as perishable goods, for example, a football jersey with your name printed on it or fresh food items.

Your rights online

Before you enter into a contract with a business online, they must provide you with certain information such as the name of the supplier, including any trading name, a truthful and accurate description of what you’re buying, pricing including any taxes etc. You should also expect to receive further information either before your goods are delivered or when they are delivered. Check out our information on buying online to ensure you know what your rights are. If you come across a business who is in breach of these regulations, let us know.

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