Commission takes action against sellers and importers of Hoverboards

December 18, 2015

The Commission has directed a number of businesses to not sell Hoverboards, which do not meet the required safety standards. The following directions have been issued by the Commission:

17 December 2015:

  • Brown Thomas & Co Limited, T/A Brown Thomas
  • Creative Retail Solutions Limited, T/A The Gadget Box
  • Rory Dinnigan, T/A Bikes or Bicycles

18 December 2015:

  • KOL Retail Sales Limited
  • Tesco Ireland Limited
  • Sino-EU Union lnternational (lrl) Trading Limited T/A Cl- Electric Bike

Since we suspended the importation of 1,400 hoverboards in late November, we have done extensive market surveillance and started a number of investigations into retailers and importers compliance with safety standards. Our investigations found evidence of Hoverboards with non-compliant and potentially unsafe plugs and fuses as well as significant issues with the cables, chargers and the battery packs. We are very concerned that consumers may be at risk should the AC adapter / charger or the battery pack overheat and potentially cause a fire. If you come across any products which you think might be unsafe, report it to us with details of who was selling it and where on our consumer helpline 1890 432 432.

If you have already bought a hoverboard from an on-premises trader/shop

  • Bring it back to the retailer and look for proof that the product meets Irish and European safety standards. If this cannot be given to you, ask for a refund.
  • Because of the potential risk of fire, never leave a hoverboard charging unattended, especially overnight.

If you have already bought a hoverboard online

  • If you have ordered a hoverboard and have not yet received it you can cancel it immediately without providing any reason, in writing or by e-mail.
  • If you have received it – you have 14 days from the date of receipt to cancel your contract. You may be required to pay for returning the product.
  • However, where you have not received information on your right to cancel from the trader you will not be liable for the return costs of the goods.

Find out more about the potential risks posed by hoverboards.

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