Top tips to surviving Black Friday

November 24, 2015

Black Friday is an exciting time for many shoppers with the chance of bagging a deal ahead of the Christmas rush. We have put together some top tips to make sure you know your rights and to help keep your spending in order:

What are my rights?

Remember, on Black Friday you have the same consumer rights as you do at any other time of year such as:

  • If you buy an item in store and it turns out to be faulty, you are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund, depending on what the fault is. Remember, if you want to bring something back, you will need proof of purchase. This can be your receipt or if you don’t have it, a copy of a credit /debit card statement.
  • If you buy something in store at any time and you simply change your mind, you are not automatically entitled to return it for a refund or exchange. However, some shops will give you a refund with proof of purchase or allow you to exchange the item. This is shop policy and not consumer law and some shops change or shorten their ‘change of mind’ returns policy if an item is on sale. Make sure you know what the policy is if there is a chance you might change your mind.
  • If you are buying something online and the site is based within the EU you are entitled to information including the total price of what you are buying, including any taxes. You are entitled to a 14-day cooling off period which in most cases, entitles you to cancel the order for any reason, even if you just change your mind. However, you may have to pay for the cost of returning it. If the item is faulty, then you don’t have to pay to return it. Remember these rules only apply within the EU so, if you are thinking about buying from a site based outside of the EU, check the terms and conditions including the returns policy, before you buy.
  • If buying online always use a secure method of payment, such as a credit card. Never send cash or use a money-wiring service because you’ll have no recourse if something goes wrong.

Top tips to keep your spending in order

  • Do your research and plan your shopping to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.
  • Before you shop, make a list. This will help you avoid impulse buying, or spending too much on something you can’t afford. It will also make it easier to keep track of your spending, so you can make sure you are staying within budget.
  • Stick to your list. It is easy to be enticed by sales racks and special offers, but you need to make sure you don’t go over your budget.
  • If you want to avoid a hefty credit card bill in January use cash or your debit card where you can. If you are going to use your credit card, think about how much you are spending on it first. It is easy to throw caution to the wind and splurge, when you don’t have to repay it immediately. Remember that store cards (credit cards that are only for one store) can be more expensive to use than credit cards so beware.
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