Problem with a service provider

June 22, 2015

Every year the Commission receives thousands of contacts from consumers who are having difficulty with their service provider, with many consumers unsure of the terms and conditions of the service they have signed up to.

An investigation carried out by the Commission found that four telecom service providers were not complying with consumer law, specifically relating to certain contract terms and conditions and also in relation to the information given to consumers in relation to their cancellation rights.

If you buy something online, at your door or over the phone, the trader must provide you with certain information, including:

  1. The name of the supplier, including any trading name
  2. A description of what you’re buying
  3. The seller’s postal address and contract details
  4. The price, including any taxes
  5. Any delivery costs
  6. The arrangements for payment and delivery
  7. Details of how to cancel your order
  8. The cost of ordering – for example, the cost of a premium rate phone call if you have to order this way
  9. How long the offer or price is valid
  10. The minimum length of the contract
  11. Details of the 14 days “cooling-off” period. In the case of a contract for a service, the cooling-off period ends 14 days after the contract starts

Before your order is delivered or when it is delivered the trader must also provide you with information:

  1. Confirmation of your order by letter or email
  2. Details on what to do if you change your mind. For example, the seller must tell you if the “cooling off” period of 14 days does not apply
  3. A postal address that you can send your complaints to – not a PO box number.
  4. Details of any guarantees or after-sales services
  5. Details of how and when to end a contract, if there is no end date or if it lasts for longer than a year

You may find out more about your rights when buying online. If you come across a trader who is in breach of these regulations, let us know.

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