Know your rights in the sales

December 24, 2014

If you’re hoping to get a bargain in the sales it’s important to know that your rights don’t change just because there’s a sale on. We’ve some information for you so you know your rights before you hit the shops.

Your rights – if the item is faulty:

If you buy an item in the sale that turns out to be faulty then you have rights; this includes a repair, replacement, reduction in the price or a full refund, depending on the fault. The quicker you return the item, the better. You will need to bring proof of purchase with you; this can be your receipt, gift receipt or a credit/debit card statement showing the purchase. Delaying may mean that you can only avail of a repair or replacement. You may not be entitled to anything if you were told about the defect before you bought the item, for example, if the goods were on sale at a reduced price because they were marked ‘shopsoiled’.

Your rights – if you’ve changed your mind about an item:

If you’ve bought something in a shop in the sales and you simply change your mind about it or discovered it doesn’t fit, doesn’t match or doesn’t suit you, you don’t have a right to a refund or exchange. Some shops may offer a refund or exchange if you change your mind, but this is just shop policy and a legal right. Make sure to check the shop’s refund/exchange policy as it may change during sales.

Your rights – if buying online

If you buy something from a website in the EU, you have the same rights as if you had bought it in a shop, but it is important to know that you also have some additional ones. Buying online from a site based within the EU means you have a 14-day cooling off period, which, in most cases, allows you to return the product within 14 days of delivery. This is the same whether the item is on sale or not. However, if you are returning it because you just changed your mind then you may have to pay postage costs. If you are returning an item because it is faulty, you don’t have to pay for cost of returning it. There are some exclusions to the cooling-off period, for instance if you bought a personalised item, such as a piece of jewellery which has been engraved with a name.

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