Change to safety standards of equestrian helmets

December 5, 2014

The European Commission has advised EU countries that the standard for helmets for horse riding (and equestrian activities) EN 1384:2012 is no longer a harmonised standard under the Directive 89/686/EEC on Personal Protective Equipment.

This means that the standard EN 1384:2012 can no longer be used to support CE marking of helmets by manufacturers. You should note that helmets marked with reference to the standard EN 1384:2012 only, do not provide an adequate level of safety.

If you are buying helmets, you should check to ensure that they are manufactured to higher standards than EN 1384:2012. Any helmets in use should be checked to make sure that they also meet higher standards than EN 1384:2012.

Queries related to occupational/professional use should be raised with the Health and Safety Authority. Email:

Link to EU Commission Decision:

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