Contracts of care in nursing homes

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The European Communities (Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts) Regulations 1995 (Unfair Terms Regulations) provide specific protections to consumers who enter into standard form contracts, which can apply to contracts of care. These protections ensure that consumers are not bound by unfair terms and mean that standard terms must be provided to consumers in plain and understandable language.

The CCPC has developed a set of guidelines to assist providers of long-term residential care services to comply with their obligations arising from the Unfair Terms Regulations. These guidelines have a legal status and are admissible in evidence in Court.

The guidelines include examples of potentially unfair terms in contracts of care currently present in the sector, and provide information about how to draft fair terms in contracts of care.

We have also developed specific information for consumers, including a template letter to assist residents and their families who wish to challenge terms in their contracts of care which they consider unfair.

Download our guidelines for more information about your obligations as a service provider.

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